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Personal Injury Attorneys in Rockville, Maryland

A serious personal injury can be painful, costly, and inconvenient. It can also be life-changing, devastating, or even fatal. These tragic events have an additional level of grief, angst, and anger when they were caused as a result of someone's negligent actions.

In any situation where an injury is caused by another, you need experienced attorneys who can advise you about any claim you may have. Different circumstances involve different laws. An automobile accident may involve one type of analysis, while a dog bite, or a fall at a business, may involve another. Our attorneys at Felsen and Sargent, LLC are experienced in all circumstances and cases where people get hurt by the actions of someone else.

When dealing with an injury claim, you also need attorneys who can appropriately value your claim, and deal with insurance companies. Our attorneys have over 50 years of combined experience helping people prosecute and resolve personal injury claims. We're very familiar with insurance company strategies, and the arguments used to try and prevent people from getting the money they deserve because of someone else’s negligence.

While nothing can undo the pain, grief, and hurt that a serious injury causes, the civil justice system can provide the mechanism for accountability and compensation so that you can heal as best as possible and elevate your quality of life following your injury.

Our lawyers understand how injuries can affect several aspects of one’s life. There are doctors’ bills, lost income, pain and suffering, permanent injury, scarring, and loss of function – all of which need to be taken into consideration when a claim is brought, prosecuted, and resolved.

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Addressing these issues in the best possible way requires experience, aggressive advocacy, and comprehensive knowledge of personal injury law. We bring each of these to the table.

Our attorneys are also familiar with the quickest and most efficient ways to resolve claims. Arbitration and mediation are valuable tools when used by experienced lawyers, to appropriately and quickly resolve some cases. Deciding how best to handle a case is an important process that the client chooses after consultation with their lawyer. Our lawyers provide the experience and practical understanding to advise clients on the road to resolving their cases.

Cases We Handle

Felsen & Sargent, LLC, has more than half a century of combined experience working on personal injury matters. We will bring our approach to undertake the thorough investigation needed to recover the compensation you need and deserve if you, or someone close to you, have been injured due to:

  • Auto accidents

    • Car accidents

    • Truck accidents

    • Motorcycle accidents

    • Pedestrian accidents

    • Cyclist accidents

  • Premises liability

    • Slip-and-falls

  • Dog bites/animal attacks

  • Product liability

  • Medical malpractice

  • Wrongful death

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