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Falsen and Sargent, LLC


At Felsen & Sargent, we understand that clients come to us facing immensely difficult times. This knowledge forms the basis of our approach: direct, open, honest, straightforward and client-centered.

The attorneys at Felsen & Sargent have the experience in the courtroom, and the real world, to know what clients are going through and to offer real world solutions to real world problems. Our attorneys exemplify the highest conduct in ethics and legal skill and knowledge, as evidenced by the recognition afforded them. Our attorney are involved in the legal community and are sought after by other lawyers for advice.

We take pride in our intensive client contact, case investigation and preparation that has led to demonstrated success on behalf of our clients, whether by litigation in both trial and appellate courts or through negotiation. The lawyers at Felsen & Sargent deal directly with our clients. Our clients know which attorney will be handling their matters and can develop a relationship of trust with that lawyer, know that the lawyer has been involved in all phases of the client’s case. Our approach is marked by flexibility because we have the versatility and knowledge of the entire legal community. We understand that circumstances can change for a client. Our clients receive immediate feedback on developments in their cases and can reach out to our attorneys personally.

Meet our attorneys:

  • David Keith Felsen

  • Jon W. Sargent

Our attorneys are experienced handling matters that are covered by the Washington Post, and private negotiated resolutions. We understand the variety of issues that clients face and provide our clients with options and strategies to achieve the client’s goals. As a result of our attorneys’ long standing in the legal community, we have the ability to reach out and marshal resources in order to achieve our client’s goals. Our lawyers have the experience to advise about judges, opposing parties, and opposing attorneys, all of which can be important factors for to be considered in developing a successful strategy for a client.

We are located within walking distance to the Circuit and District courthouses and to the Rockville Metro Station. Our attorney travel all over Maryland and the District of Columbia. Our attorneys have also been admitted to practice before the U.S. Court of Appeals in New York (2nd Circuit) and in Richmond (4th Circuit).

Our lawyers take the time to make sure of Clients are well represented and represented well.