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David Keith Felsen

David Felsen


With a commitment to transparent communication and a passion for providing high-quality service, David Felsen is a distinguished attorney at Felsen and Sargent, LLC. In his three decades of practice, David has consistently shown an unwavering dedication to his clients, ensuring they feel valued and heard throughout the legal process. His belief in treating clients as individuals, not just case files, sets him apart from other attorneys.

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Jon W. Sargent

Jon W. Sargent


Jon W. Sargent is a seasoned attorney and esteemed partner at Felsen and Sargent, LLC, dedicated to providing exceptional legal representation to clients in Rockville, Maryland, and beyond. Sporting a profound commitment to justice, Jon is a reliable and devout advocate for his clients. His vast experience in both state and federal courts has garnered him a reputation as a highly skilled litigator and negotiator.

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During a Divorce

Whether you have an uncontested or contested divorce on your hands, our family law attorneys are well-versed in divorce litigation and negotiation and will protect your rights as a spouse and parent. From child custody disputes to property division matters, Felsen and Sargent, LLC will work hard to achieve an outcome that meets your needs and interests.

After an Arrest

Criminal charges, even misdemeanor DUIs, should not be taken lightly, as they can leave a mark on your criminal record and impact your future opportunities. That's why it's critical to get the support of an experienced trial attorney. Our team will thoroughly investigate the circumstances of your arrest and build a defense strategy aimed at your best result.

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Notable Case

State v. Hoggle

Catherine Hoggle and her two children went missing in the fall of 2014, and of the three, only she resurfaced. After Hoggle’s arrest, a judge found her mentally incompetent to stand trial. Since then, the prosecution has pushed back on this ruling.

Ryan Wechsler, the Assistant State’s Attorney claims that Hoggle’s mental illness is an act and that, “She absolutely knows enough and is manipulative enough [to pretend and avoid trial.]”

Our firm has worked tirelessly to prove that Hoggle is mentally unsound, and she should not stand trial. She was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia in 2014, the same year that she and her children disappeared.

Psychiatrist Adam Brown testified that he didn’t believe Hoggle was “being manipulative.” According to him, “The symptoms she exhibited objectively matched with what I would expect for someone with a thought disorder.”

The judge in the case waited until almost the last minute to rule Hoggle as incompetent. He had until Dec. 1 to decide. If he had missed this deadline, Hoggle would have been released without any charges against her. The new ruling came down on November 30, 2022.

So What Does the Future Hold?

Ms. Hoggle will remain institutionalized, undergoing a standard review every six months.

The prosecution has expressed their intent to retry Hoggle. First, however, they must prove that she is fit to stand trial. We have worked closely with our client, and we know the psychological struggles she faces.

Our team will continue to defend Ms. Hoggle’s rights and protect her from an unjust trial, just as we have always done for our Rockville clients.

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Providing a direct and open approach to defense and litigation, we serve clients in the areas of family law, civil litigation, and business law. Put your best foot forward by having an experienced and pragmatic lawyer beside you. From personal injury lawsuits to child custody disputes, serious criminal charges, and breach of contract cases, we stand ready to maximize your legal results. Schedule an initial consultation with us today to get started. From our Rockville law firm, we serve Frederick, Prince George’s County, Carroll County, Anne Arundel County, Montgomery County, and Howard County, as well as the District of Columbia.