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Civil Litigation Attorneys in Rockville, Maryland

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Civil litigation can be a complex, confusing, and time/resource-consuming aspect of law, for business organizations, professionals, and individuals. Resolving these matters can have a far-reaching impact on an organization, and a career. As such, it is critical to partner with a law firm with extensive experience dealing with these issues. Felsen and Sargent, LLC has that experience.

With more than half a century of combined experience working on litigation issues, we are prepared to bring the experience and knowledge needed to address civil litigation issues, including:

  • Personal injury

  • Business dissolution

  • Contract dispute

  • Business fraud

  • Unfair competition

  • False advertising

  • Partnership and shareholder disputes

  • Trade secret litigation

  • Trademark and copyright enforcement and infringement

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We always keep our clients' immediate and long-term needs in mind when formulating a strategy for dealing with civil litigation. To that end, we always weigh the costs and benefits of negotiation against those of litigation. We are fully equipped to defend our clients' interests.

Our attorneys are experienced in State and Federal Court in various litigation matters. Felsen & Sargent prides itself on an ability to assess various litigation and develop a coherent strategy to protect our clients. Whether a contract dispute, Restraining order, enforcement of restrictive employment covenant, a landlord/tenant issue, personal injury, or a business matter, our attorney can help guide and make sure that you understand the risks involved with litigation and the best way to proceed.

Our attorneys access a wide network of professionals to provide the highest quality service and support for civil litigation. The goal, whether asserting a claim, or defending against one, is to make sure that our clients are protected.

Our attorneys have experience in gauging litigation and understanding the resources required to proceed or defend a claim. Our attorneys spend time ensuring clients understand their options and all the strategic decisions that may come up in any particular case. We understand the vital role of pre-trial procedures, the strategic advantages of certain types of discovery, or avoiding such discovery, and the importance of mediation and other Alternative Dispute Resolution forums.

Often there are opportunities for civil matters to be resolved outside the courtroom. Our attorneys are familiar with those procedures and have the ability to quickly analyze proposed resolutions. The goal of any resolution is to protect the client’s rights. Many cases can be resolved by some type of settlement, but some matters must go to court. Our attorneys can help clients decide which is which.

Taking decisive action is critical in civil litigation cases, so we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible.

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