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If you make one wrong move on a traffic violation or DUI/DWI case, you may end up with a license revocation, thousands of dollars in fines and even time in jail.

Many people make a mistake and treat DUI/DWI and Driving While Suspended charges as common or typical; all too many people end up pleading guilty or giving up their rights and pay the price for their ignorance. DUI/DWI and Driving While Suspended charges carry the possibility of significant jail time. A DUI first offender faces a year in jail and a $1,000 fine.

Because Maryland is an "implied consent" state, additional sanctions can be imposed on drivers who refuse to take the Breathalyzer test. Failure to take the test can result in a 120-day license suspension for a first offense that is not modifiable. A breath test of .08 to .14 can result in a 45-day suspension (first offense) and a higher result can cause a 90-day suspension (first offense). The sanctions for subsequent offenders are much higher. A DUI conviction will result in twelve (12) points on a driving record, which could cause a license revocation. A DWI conviction carries eight (8) points, and a possible license suspension. These sanctions, imposed by the MVA, are in addition to any imposed by a court.

If you have been charged with a traffic/DUI violation, the specifics of whether or not to try to fight versus mitigate the consequences through a plea, depends on a comprehensive knowledge of the law.

With more than a half century of experience working on these criminal issues, we are here for you.

Our traffic/DUI lawyers will work directly with you to understand the circumstances of your case. Our lawyers appear in the Rockville courthouses on a regular basis and are well-known in Frederick, Howard and Prince George's counties. We evaluate every case for constitutional issues surrounding the stop and statements that are made, procedural issues, breath test "advice of rights" and the overall facts.

We will aggressively attack any weakness following our comprehensive investigation. In the event that we cannot reach an outright dismissal, we will do whatever is possible to mitigate the consequences. We are additionally prepared to work on cases involving:

  • Speeding
  • Moving violations
  • Driving without insurance
  • Driving without a license
  • Reckless/careless driving
  • Drug DUIs

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