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Absolutely Excellent Representation
Mr. Felson has represented me on several charges over the past 8-10 months. My charges ranged from driving on an out of state revoked license + negligent driving and driving with expired license/identification (I rear ended another vehicle, badly). My other charge was 2nd degree assault. Both charges were serious in nature and had jail time (substantial) hanging over my head.

Mr. Felson is armed with 20+year’s local experience and it showed. He is respected by those who prosecute and who sit on the bench. One charge was in Frederick County, the other in Montgomery. In both cases I had to say very little in court (one I did not even have to appear), was well prepared on how to conduct myself and felt like I was in good hands.

Watching this man assert his argument and make his case is truly awesome to witness. All of those charges resulted in a $250.00 fine. Not to mention he had all 12 points wiped from my record. This is no lie friends.

If I ever find myself in the unfortunate position to require counsel again I would never consider another attorney.

Pay the man.
Thank you David!!!

- Jason L.

Best attorney East Coast
If I could give David Felsen more than five stars I would. Mr. Felsen changed my life forever and made this year’s Thanksgiving dinner extra special for me and my family. Through his hard work and perseverance Mr. Felsen has given me a chance to start over; he was practically able to clear 12 points from my driver’s license as well as come to an agreement with the persecutor to have 6 serious charges against me dropped. Since the first time we spoke over the phone I knew I had chosen the right attorney. Mr. Felsen is sincere and has outstanding charisma; he clearly explained every step of the process, all my different options, and all the possible outcomes depending on the circumstances of the hearing. His answer to all my question were always clear, complete, and demonstrate sophisticated knowledge of the case and intricacies involved. His presence at the court house was vigorous and strong. He knew almost all the other attorney and I could see that several of them would seek his advice before going in for their cases. I had a speech ready in case the judged asked me any questions but I didn’t even have to say a word thanks to Mr. Felsen’s ingenuity. As we were walking out of the courtroom, many of the present attorneys congratulated Mr. Felsen for the positive outcome that he was able to get regarding my case; it was truly unbelievable. When we were saying good-bye I said, “I heard you were good, but I didn’t know you were the best!” and Mr. Felsen humbly replied, “I’m not the best, I just don’t stop”. I knew then that I was dealing with a man of character, who loves what he does, and doesn’t stop until he can do his best for you. I would HIGHLY recommend Mr. Felsen to anyone in the Washington metropolitan area. My family and I will forever be grateful for his services. Thank you Mr. Felsen for being so good at what you do.

- Rodrigo

Re-Hired Mr. Felsen for His Top Reputation
No lawyer can guarantee results, but some can keep It fair when the deck is stacked against you. I had two cases handled by David and neither resulted in conviction (PBJ). Things looked very dark for awhile, and I feel like I owe it to David to give him an outstanding review because he did get me a good result from which I can move forward. 5/5 Stars.

- Justin

Absolutely Great Attorney That You Can Trust
Mr. Felsen took my case and helped me get the absolute best outcome that I could get. I have used him a few times now on separate occasions for various legal snafus and he was exceptional each time. He won't sugarcoat the chances of your case, but he will explain it fully in the best terms possible so that you know what's ahead of you. If you hire Mr. Felsen, know that you are getting a lawyer that will do everything he can to get you his client the best deal/verdict that you can get. This is one attorney that you can definitely trust to have your back and protect your reputation.

- Andrew

Davids illustrious reputation precedes him, He is very reliable and will do everything in his power for your case. I highly recommend him to anyone in need of any legal assistance. (great individual as well).

- Cesar Granados

David is an excellent attorney who worked aggressively for us to ensure the right outcome for our traffic case. He was professional and thorough in his approach while also being personable. Highly recommend!

- Amit P.

David is an experienced lawyer to aggressively defend you at every turn. He is a brilliant lawyer you can count on for satisfied outcome.

- Echain Chen

When I first met him, Mr. Felsen was truthful with me and gave me the worst case scenario which I didn't want to hear, but I needed to hear. However, in court he argued hard for me. Nice guy, but also an aggressive advocate. True professional.

- Gene J.

First, the outcome: I was charged with speeding 64 in a 45, changing lanes when unsafe, following too closely, and reckless driving. I was facing 5 points on my license and a $660 dollar fine. David Felsen defended me in trial and all charges were dropped except the speeding. The Judge assigned no points and assessed a $75 fine.

The Details:
Before my case, David attempted to take the officer aside and negotiate some kind of plea deal. The officer was not interested. Instead, the Judge heard my traffic case and the outcome above was reached. I am still ecstatic.

David responded to all my correspondences throughout the process directly (not a secretary or clerk). Approximately one week before the trial date we met in person to go over case details and our defense. On the trial day, David arrived early and coached me on what to expect, as well as the details to include or leave out during cross examination. I was put at ease during the stressful process and David was left to work his magic. He is extremely professional, intelligent and witty in the courtroom. It is no surprise he historically has been very successful in his defense of clients.

I would not hesitate to recommend David Felsen to represent anyone for matters small or large. If I am unlucky enough to have another reason to seek legal council, he will be my first call.

- Benjamin Kates

Mr. Felsen is professional and the best one.

- Cindy Liu

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